1 hour agoPhiladelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
My grand daughter has been asking for a bike for over a year. I cannot afford one as I am on a fixed income. Any bike will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and God Bless.
1 hour agoPhiladelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
I have 2 grand daughters 5 & 9 who would love your used toys and games. The would be new to them. These girls are wonderful and deserve the best. Unfortunately me and my husband are on SS and cannot afford a lot. Thank you in advance and God Bless.
1 hour agoPhiladelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
i need an ethernet cable to hook my laptop to my box... if anyone has one it would help me out a lot, thank you.
1 hour agoPhiladelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
Hi anyone have BOY Barbie like dolls Ken & friends . Thank you
1 hour agoPhiladelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
Lansdowne Cub Scout Pack 63 is seeking a small, two-drawer filing cabinet to organize our important papers.
1 hour agoPhiladelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
In need of a set of bunk beds. It doesn't matter what they look like. Please, if anyone has a set or even 2, it would be so appreciated!!!
17-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
I rescued this betta from my neighbor who was keeping it in a .5 gallon with no filter. I currently have it in a 10gallon with my minnows but as this is an unexpected situation , I don t have enough money to buy another tank. I know bettas can have tank mates , but prefer not to. I want to give this betta a nice life.
17-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
Moving in Dec, starting now to look for all the things I need for a place. I moved here a year ago and brought nothing but clothes. I was lucky enough to go to a place where all the household stuff was supplied but now moving out with a friend who also has nothing. We are hoping to save as much as we can to pay off student loans, anything would be greatly appreciated. I can store household stuf...
17-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
disabled veteran in need of discounted rate or preferably non-profit auto body repair work
16-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
We are a family of 7 looking for dining room table and chairs at least 8 seating.twin bed frames 3 or full. Thank you again in advance.
PPA took my car for 13 yr. Old parking tickets my ex ran up. I need free transportation to get around. Text me at (215)720-6999 if you have a bicycle, electric bicycle or scooter.
14-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
In need of a HP envy power cord Your not using
PPA/City took my car for 13 yr old parking tickets my ex ran up. I need free transportation while I save to buy another one. Seeking any vehicle that rhns and is inspected.text me at (215)720-6999
12-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
Seeking men s dress clothing, suits, shirts , shoes, ties. Any nice dress clothes.
12-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for these for a kids party
12-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a few large(1+Gallon) glass jars to use for a candy buffet. Thank you in advance!
11-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
Hi. My family is in need of simple toiletries, towels and any household items you may have to spare. No known allergies. Thank you for your help
11-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
Hi i'm looking for a 6' folding table. Thank you in advance
11-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
Inspirational posters for an adult classroom. Job readiness/life skills.
11-Oct-2018Philadelphia, PA+15 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking to restore an old Dell laptop and I'm in need of the power cord that goes from the wall to the power adapter. The wall end is a normal electric plug. The adapter end contains three prongs, each surrounded by a rubber cylinder. I think the power cord is common to many Dell laptops. Thank you for your consideration.
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